I was mired in so much twisted stuff with my family, with EJ, trying to protect myself and figure out what the hell was going on around me…in fact that pretty much describes everyday of my life before I met you. You cut through all the fog, it only looked like my life got crazy with Arianna and all that drama after we got together. The truth is everything was simple after I fell in love with you, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find a man who is so warm and generous and loving first time out of the gate. I promise to never forget what a gift you are, I’m honoured that in a few hours you will be my husband. All my love, Will

i promise to never forget what a gift you are

Week of Sept 8th Spoilers

Monday September 8th 

  • Will receives an exciting new job offer. What is it?

Thursday September 11th 

  • Will attempts to patch things up with Sami.

Chandler Massey appears in “We Are Angels - It’s Your Town" (Film Series)

Say Something (I’m Giving Up On You)


Geography Club!AU, focused only on the relationship between the two boys. It should make sense though, even if you haven’t seen the movie. A very very very late birthday present for SamuliThis is really long because I didn’t want to break it up into parts.

Sonny taps his pen anxiously against his desk as he stares absentmindedly at the computer screen. He is waiting for a response from the boy he wants to meet at the park. He doesn’t know for sure yet if he really is 100% gay - maybe bi - but he thinks meeting guys will help him figure things out.

He’s pulled out of his reverie when his messenger dings.

Meet you in the park in fifteen minutes. I’ll have sunglasses hanging out of my pocket.

Sonny hurriedly answers back.

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Thanks to Ron

Thanks to Ron

DR - SOD: Fall Preview

- Will “moves on to his next story” which also targets the DiMeras.