I was mired in so much twisted stuff with my family, with EJ, trying to protect myself and figure out what the hell was going on around me…in fact that pretty much describes everyday of my life before I met you. You cut through all the fog, it only looked like my life got crazy with Arianna and all that drama after we got together. The truth is everything was simple after I fell in love with you, I don’t know how I got so lucky to find a man who is so warm and generous and loving first time out of the gate. I promise to never forget what a gift you are, I’m honoured that in a few hours you will be my husband. All my love, Will

i promise to never forget what a gift you are

S.O.D - Week of May 6th Spoilers

The week starts with Will being questioned by Rafe about the real reason Nick wants to keep Will away from the baby. Even though Will doesn’t want to get into it Rafe wants answers. Will finally confirms Rafe’s suspicion that Nick is doing this because Will is gay. Galen Gering(Rafe) says his character cares about Will and that he was never entirely comfortable with Nick being with his sister .Galen notes that this just proves to Rafe that Nick is an ass and he’s not happy about it. Rafe then confronts Nick. Galen notes that what is happening is twofold in a way. He says Rafe realizes he’s a little hypocritical about what Nick is doing to Will because Rafe did the same thing to EJ by trying to keep his kids from him. However he remarks Rafe had a good reason for doing that to EJ and it had nothing to do with EJ’s sexuality. Also Rafe’s problem is because of what Nick has done to Gabi, who has been going through hell and that’s not cool with Rafe. Plus Rafe figures out that there’s more going on with Nick than him just being a bigot. Rafe tells Nick he’s going to tell Gabi why Nick really wants to keep the baby away from Will. That upsets Nick because he knows Rafe and Gabi are close and there could be repercussions for him but Rafe doesn’t care what happens to Nick. As that’s going on at the DiMera mansion EJ overhears Johnny telling Sami he liked it better living at the loft with Rafe. That upsets EJ because he realizes his son prefers living with Rafe than him .EJ then makes a cryptic call to someone. Later Rafe is walking by himself when someone comes up from behind him and knocks him unconscious.